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Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Stone, also known as The Hug Doctor. I’m glad you’re here. You may be wondering what a Hug Doctor is, what a Hugging Journey is, or you may simply be wondering – “What’s the big deal about a hug?”

I’m a therapeutic coach, speaker, author and clinical psychologist with a passion for helping people live more powerful, peaceful and happier lives.

As The Hug Doctor, I see relationships through the lens of a hug. For me, a hug is not only an incredible, comforting, physical show of affection, it is a powerful and transformative metaphor for lowering walls, bringing people together, connecting more with ourselves, with others and even with life.

A hug allows us to be more open to the magic and moments that life has in store for all of us.

I have devoted my life to developing the skills, tools, attitudes and practices to become a world-class hugger. I want to teach you what that means, how you can do the same, and why you should.

Welcome to Hugging Central. You have officially entered the ((HUGGING ZONE))

The simple action of a hug takes us into the present moment, and away from distractions. This quietly powerful act allows us in an instant, to be more connected, and less divided. Embracing ourselves, our lives and everyone around us is as much a metaphorical perspective of living, as it is a physical hug.

That you are here means that you’re curious about the hug and how it can change your life. By the time you leave, I hope it means that you are considering making a meaningful difference in your life, and in the world. All inspired by one simple and life affirming action, THE HUG.


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How will a Hugging Journey help?

    • Gain more confidence
    • Get clarity about loving yourself
    • Get a new lens through which to view the world
    • Increase freedom to enjoy the moment
    • Discover how to identify when you are being a victim and remembering you are a leader and it starts with leading yourself