The Hugging Laser

Dr. Stone 21 Day Hugging Journey

I consult at various agencies and when I went to work yesterday I learned tragically that a 17y/o boy died suddenly and unexpectedly with no medical history.  He was a completely healthy young man. A teenager who was respected by his peers and very likable by all accounts. He had just played an amazing first half in a competitive organized basketball game.  His teammates were shocked, devastated, angry and very confused to lose him so suddenly.  I reflect on his loss because, as you all know, tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Yet we often live like it is.

So think hard, be radically transparent with yourself,  what do you want to do or can you choose to do today in this moment?  Do you have something to clean up with a family member that you have been intending to do and know you will do (one day) and yet keep putting it off?

Take action NOW!  Not with the sobering weight of what if someone dies – with the existential awareness and freedom that we are constantly CREATING our life.

THE HUG is an extremely powerful lens through which to see the world and gives access to powerfully taking action.

Similar to taking a magnifying glass and using it to harness the suns energy to fry ants.  Yes, I said ants.

For the record destroying ants is not the space of a hug (poor ants) and I admit it is something that I did as a small child growing up.

The point is that harnessing that energy is the equivalent of a laser.  Once harnessed that force can fry ants, shoulds, doubts, or the needless self-criticism of experiencing life as a victim.

Hugging brings us into the present, and into a state of love rather than fear. For survival purposes consider that our default with everything is fear based on safety.  Or perceived safety.  The hugging practice frees us to be more loving and courageous in all areas of life.

And that’s the focus and clarity each and everyone of us can have access to TODAY.  Right now.  Take full responsibility for everything and then take action.  Imperfect action will win out over no action.

Consider that regardless of what you accomplish – who you know yourself to be will be transformed.  It’s critical.  Who we know ourselves to be in this moment.  Let’s look deeper into the hug.

If you go for that jog you have been putting off for days or weeks this morning or right now instead of just thinking about it and watching another episode of Netflix it will impact your whole day.  It’s a self hug and so much more.

If you call that friend you’ve been missing for over a year and leave a heartfelt message it sets into action a powerful chain of events.  A hug for your friend and so much more.

Regardless of the overt outcome of the action due to taking the action you  can choose to know yourself as a leader, not someone who is avoiding or failing.

That’s what this blog is.  It’s the connection in this moment that really matters. A HUGe hug, embracing everything.

Big biggest hugs always,

The Hug Doctor is IN for peace of mind and world peace.

Hi!  The Hug Doctor here.  I am so glad that you are visiting my profile and starting to explore what we can create together.  Needless to say, I believe very deeply in the power of hugging and how The Hug and seeing through the lens of a hug can powerfully impact everything
I hope that you will delve into your own profile and share your rich hugging experiences as a resource to future hugging members.  The profiles are an awesome place to chronicle your own journey for posterity and also to share with others and inspire them. I have been on many 21 day hugging journeys to the point where I have lost count and some of them have been captured on Facebook LIve while others have been more personal.  Regardless, of how feels right to you, determine that and then jump into hugging action.  Remember, this doesn't necessarily mean physical hugging this is also all about hugging your fitness, your finances, or your personal growth (just to name a few).   We at Hugging Central super excited that I now have this tool to do a better job of keeping track of what I am discovering and being able to share and learn from members of this unique and rich community.   The journeys can teach us about perseverance,  freedom, having more fun and even failing powerfully :). The key is learning these lessons in the ((space of a hug)) and continuing to help the power of the hugging technology to grow.   I most recently completed a 21 day hugging yoga journey and as I write this I am on day 4 of a 21 day Mother's day hugging journey with my sister in California as my Hugging Accountability Buddy.  We are both doing meditation for 21 days and sharing with each other on a daily basis about what our mom means and meant to us.  We lost her over 20 years ago when I was 25 years old.  I use this as a reminder to myself about how nothing is promised and how important it is to hug our loved ones and be fully present when we are hugging to appreciate it and have gratitude for those we care about deeply. 
One of the things that I often say when I am having a 21 second or longer hug with someone or coaching someone on a hug is to start hugging people like it is the last time you might ever be able to hug them.  It can be powerful to use the longer hug as a place to speak to your loved ones radically transparently and tell them what they really mean to you.  I liked the hashtag that jokingly and seriously came from my being on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker.  #youmightgethitbyabushug