Welcome to the 21 Day Hugging Journey

This journey supercharges you to have a deeper connection with yourself and the world. Life is a profound journey and going on the 21 Day Hugging Journey will enhance yours in ways we can’t even imagine. Give yourself this gift and really give the world the gift of YOU. It will unleash a chain of hugs with yourself, family/friends and the world. Leaving you embracing everything around you.

This is not the kind of journey where you start out in one place and end up somewhere completely different. In fact, this journey is about really being where you are—completely present in your life right NOW. It’s about silencing and going beyond all the limiting self-talk, shoulds, and to-do lists in your mind long enough to hug someone who REALLY matters to you.

That’s it. Pick someone you care about, and give that person a big hug. I don’t mean a quick squeeze of greeting or affection. I mean a hug that lasts for a minimum of twenty-one seconds. Then, tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, repeat the process with other people in your life. That’s it. And yet there is so much more.

Chances are you have never hugged anyone or been hugged for twenty-one seconds. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but let’s change that. Hugs are wonderful. They feel good. They transmit all kinds of positive energy. But twenty-one-second hugs are surprisingly powerful. There is really no way to describe them.

This is one of those things in life you have to experience for yourself to truly get it.

Even if you are already a hugger, the first few days may feel a bit awkward because you’re stepping way out of your comfort zone. Like any new undertaking, it may take a little while to get in the rhythm, and then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your daily twenty-one-second hug.

If you’re thinking, “OK, the whole idea sounds like fun, but why do this for twenty-one days?” The most obvious reason is that it’s a great way to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. Maybe you already give your parents or your kids a quick hug to say goodbye or an automatic “I love you” at the end of a phone conversation, but there is nothing “automatic” about a long, heartfelt hug. You have to be fully present to give or receive one.

Choosing the people you will hug is an important part of your journey because you are taking the time to identify those whom you feel very close to, want to be closer to, and want to connect with even more deeply. I encourage you to invite your friends and family to begin their personal journeys and “hug it forward.” It’s amazing the impact that you can have in the world as you begin to see the world through the lens of hugging.

All to be explained in detail in the new book soon to be released – HUGGING STRANGERS –

There is also a more scientific reason to engage in a prolonged hug: a chemical called oxytocin, also referred to as the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, or moral molecule. Connected to love and reproduction, oxytocin is a brain neurotransmitter that produces positive psychological effects and influences social behavior and emotion. Translation: after twenty-one seconds of hugging, oxytocin is released, and both huggers reap the benefits they have created together.

No two journeys are alike. Yours will be as unique as you and the people in your life are. If you are more comfortable hugging other women, do that. If you’re OK hugging men and women, go for it. If you want to hug your mom for a week and, then, your dad the next week, that’s fine too. This is your journey to design as you wish. Wherever you start, you may find yourself stepping further and further outside your comfort zone.

Record your journey with video clips so that hugging it forward occurs both organically and through the power of the Internet. Post your clips on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, or any place that will reach a big audience. The ultimate goal of the #21DAYHUG is for it to become a phenomenon that powerfully connects people around the globe.

I am sending you a big, virtual hug full of lightness, joy, and possibility. Please reach out to me on Facebook with any questions, and let me know the ins and outs of your trip. It will have highs and lows and I am dedicated to it being a profound journey. I would love to hear from you after the first seven days or at any point that you want coaching. My goal is to inspire you moving forward on this journey and in your life. Know that everything you contribute from struggles to miracles will be used to aid others in their journey. I acknowledge you for considering taking this adventure on and who you are in the world.

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